The Worky-Quad line includes the SSQ series which offers many miniloader’s models customized on the customer’s specific needs.
A complete stock that goes from the little SSQ 11 to the most powerful SSQ 22, from 15D with diesel engine and remote-control, to the EcoQuad with an electrical engine in order to be green-friendly.

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450 Kg (with counterweights)

Lifting capacity

5,7 kW

Engine capacity

18,5 lt/min

Hydraulic system

SSQ EcoQuad-S

SSQ EcoQuad-S in action.

SSQ EcoQuad-S, the new fully electric machine, with an autonomy of up to 7 hours, has been designed to fully respect the environment. The sweeper with collection is one of the most used accessories for cleaning squares, sidewalks, private areas.

Technical specifications

Type of Engine Permanent magnets
Revolutions per minute 2500
Battery Type Traction battery
Voltage (V) 36
Battery capacity (Ah) 240
Start up Electric
Breakout force (Kg) 450
Traction force (Kg) 440
Hydraulic drive system (l/bar) 20/200
Hydraulic working system (l/bar) 20/200
Hydraulic tank capacity (l) 18
Standard tyres 4.00-8 Forklift
Braking system Hydraulic, with 4 hydraulic wheel motors
Steering Skid Steer
Driving system Hydraulic 4WD
Lifting capacity (Kg) 450 (with counterweights)
Dimensions (L mm x W mm x H mm) 1525x740x1250
Weight (Kg) 850
(The a.m. informations may change)
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